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These nano-Ceramic coatings permanently bond with surfaces providing superb scratch resistance, superior hydrophobicity, and chemical/oxidation resistance.

Autobahn Ceramic Coatings: As is often the case, nature provides a great precursor to modern technology. Enter autobahn ceramic coasting. Like the properties designed into the lotus leaf. Autobahn ceramic coatings attract the dirt and contaminants from surfaces and with a light rain for brushless carwash easily carry them away without harsh brushes or scrubbing.

Who are coating made for? Ceramaic coating are one of the greatest accomplishments in nano-technology, and is primed to completely redifine how we think of automotive paint. Despite the incredible power of this new technology, many people are still unaware of its benefits. With it's extreme durability, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, temperature and UV protection, and unparalleled shine. It is a must have for any automotive enthusiast.


Windshield Coating

Autobahn Kristall is a two-part chemical application that works with the silica in glass for a permanent bond. With its excellent hydrophobic properties. Kristall improves visibility during wet weather and makes cleaning your car windows much easier.

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