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Interior Detail

Bringing back that new car feeling.

What is included in our detail process?

Weather light, mild or heavy soiled cabins. Our number one goal is to bring out that WOW factor-because every detail counts.  

  1. Remove and vacuum all dirt, pet hair, and lose debris.

  2. Deep clean all interior plastic, trim, and  molding removing any soil, grease, marks/scuffs or dirt. (being mindful not to
    remove any interior graphic lettering like dash controls. Reaching those hard to get areas like seams and crevasses.)

  3. Carefully removing any soil or stains on the headliner. (Being mindful of the level of solution absorbed into the headliner.)

  4. Shampooing seats and carpet followed by extracting any enzyme soil or stain.

  5. Recondition all vinyl, leather, plastic, and rubber W/UV protectants to prevent from fading and cracking. (Non-greasy reconditioning finish.) Followed by polishing navigational screens, chrome or any other interior metals.

  6. Clean all windows (side windows, targeting the top edge working are way down from corner to corner)

  7. Ozone machine. (O3 is a powerful oxidizing agent that kills germs, mold, viruses and smoke, disinfecting the air.)

  8. Quality inspection.      

Did you know?

  Detailing you vehicle at least once a year can hold your vehicle trade in value.


  In the final phase of your vehicle inspection, the mechanic or appraisal manager at a dealership will inspect the overall aesthetic appeal of the exterior and interior. Like the paint, chrome or other polished components, trim, glass and the interior for signs of damage. Dents, rock chips,                    and interior stains will impact the over all value up to 5 to 10%. 

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