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   To understand Paint Refinement we would have to dive back to the origin word paint correction.

Typically both words have the same end result. The difference in two: one corrects paint and the other corrects clear coat. 

   Let us explain, before the 1980's the most common type of paint on cars was "single-stage". The single-stage paint has clear coat type properties mixed with paint to produce a thick coating. The single-stage paint was sprayed on cars as an "all-in-one" paint and clear coat.

   At that time this was the final and only layer of paint which was directly exposed to the environment. Over time sunlight and environmental pollutant damages the surface and eventually oxidizes and fades the color. However, in the 1980's, manufactures began applying clear-coat over  the final color layers.

   Clear coat is a layer of paint without color pigment added, it is simply clear paint. The clear-coat adds high gloss while protecting the colored base-coat from scratching, chipping, and the effects of the environment.  



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